The Weekly Voice interviews Organic Panic Director Richie Mehta


“I had a personal viewpoint before tackling this series, yes. And surprisingly, it was challenged in a very interesting way. And this is separate from what we tried to do in the show itself, since I believe we’ve done a great job in presenting both sides of the issue, to allow the viewer to discover where they might stand on the issues. But I must say that while I leaned far towards the organic-side before directing this series, I was surprised by the opposing arguments given. There is a reason our system has developed the way it has, and while I feel that underlying corporate greed is to blame for so many of the issues we face today, I also believe there are decent, idealistic, incredibly intelligent people who work in industrial practices, and are trying to make the world a better, more sustainable place.”

Full article available on the Weekly Voice or in PDF.

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