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Press release for Organic Panic, premiering Monday, Sept. 1 across Canada on ONE

For immediate release: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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New 5-part television series tackles all sides of the urgent Organics Debate

Catch A Free Preview of the Complete Series Across Canada on ONE

Starting Monday, September 1 at 2:30pm ET

Organic Panic is a politically and emotionally charged original 5-part series that will have you question everything you think you know about the concept of “organics”.

Premiering September 1st on the digital channel The Brand New ONE, Organic Panic challenges what has become the conventional wisdom of the global organic revolution.

Each episode pits an organic “Believer” against an organic “Skeptic” in a battle to win the hearts and minds of concerned citizens. Featuring interviews with experts on all sides of the debate and following crusaders’ personal stories, Organic Panic exposes false and misleading information about the organics industry and empowers people to make informed decisions about caring for themselves, their families and the world.

The stakes couldn’t be higher – Is your food killing you? Is your makeup toxic? Are your clothes destroying the planet? Or, is “organic” just a scam? The answers will surprise even the most ardent supporters of the organics industry.

Organic Panic Episode Summaries

Episode 1: Organic Cosmetics

Monday, September 1 at 2:30pm ET

Repeats Saturday, September 6 & Sunday, September 7 at 5pm & 9pm ET

Does glamour carry a toxic price? Gillian Deacon, author of “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick” goes through 23-year old Gracie’s makeup bag, exposing the health hazards that lie within.  Gracie then meets Dr. Joe Schwarcz, McGill University’s Director of the Office for Science and Society, and critic of the way media reports and distorts science. Dr. Joe refutes everything Gillian says… What will Gracie decide?


Episode 2: Organic Personal Care Products

Tuesday, September 2 at 2:30pm ET
Repeats Saturday, September 13 & Sunday, September 14 at 5pm & 9pm ET

How clean is the body care industry? Adria Vasil, journalist and author of the Ecoholic series, takes Holly, a concerned lawyer, on a tour of the secret world of chemicals lurking inside shampoos, toothpaste and everyday body care products. Holly also meets with Adria’s nemesis, an industry lobbyist and former provincial health minister who attacks Adria’s arguments.


Episode 3: Organic Food

Wednesday, September 3 at 2:30pm ET
Repeats Saturday, September 20 & Sunday, September 21 at 5pm & 9pm ET

Food is the frontline of the organics revolution. Governments, agribusiness, farmers, and everyday consumers are debating the merits of organic food. Raised on a conventional farm and desperate to return to his roots, trauma nurse Stewart wants to learn about the politics of food. He meets Sarah Elton, best selling author of “Locavore” and “Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet”. Sarah says organic food will save the planet from certain destruction. Sarah’s bitter rival, economist, geographer, and University of Toronto professor Pierre Desrochersdefends industrial agriculture as the only way to feed the world.


Episode 4: Organic Fashion

Thursday, September 4 at 2:30pm ET
Repeats Saturday, September 27 & Sunday, September 28 at 5pm & 9pm ET

How toxic is fast-fashion? Furniture designer Lisa North has a passion for fashion, but worries about the global impact of the industry.  Lisa speaks with Kelly Drennan a fashion industry activist who claims that big chains are killing workers and poisoning the planet. Lisa tours H&M’s private showroom and learns about the corporation’s efforts to go green and organic.


Episode 5: Organic Home

Friday, September 5 at 2:30pm ET
Repeats Saturday, October 4 & Sunday, October 5 at 5pm & 9pm ET

Is your home making your family sick? New mother Jaya wants to do her best to keep her baby healthy, but can she afford to?  Kym Klopp, owner of eco-friendly lifestyle shop EcoExistence scares Jaya with a description of the toxins lurking in her home.  She says only stores like hers offer safe products. Brendan Seale, a representative for Ikea, begs to differ…


A 5-part original series commissioned by ZoomerMedia Limited Television Division VP Programming Beverley Shenken and Executive Producer Moses Znaimer

Produced by Chris Remerowskiand David Bratton of Sixteen Films Ltd.,

Directed by CSA/Genie award winning Director Richie Mehta (Siddharth, I’ll Follow You Down and Amal)

Shot by Iris Ng (Director of Photography for Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell)



This September and October, watch Organic Panic all across Canada during a special free preview of The Brand New ONE

Bell TV 606
Cogeco 164
MTS 294
Rogers Digital 265
Sasktel 106
Shaw Direct 575
TELUS Satellite TV 606

Or check your local listings

Full schedule available at www.ONETV.ca



Leanne Wright
ZoomerMedia Television Division