About Sample Return

“Sample Return” is a short sci-fi comedy film produced for bravoFACT.  In “Sample Return”, Commanders Moreau and Patrel, jaded freelance astronauts, co-pilots and frenemies, voyage between the stars in search of new, slightly better jobs.


While their partnership is strictly platonic, they enjoy passionate repartee. As intergalactic temps, Moreau and Patrel are sick of taking what they can get by way of underpaid, boring labour. Currently tasked with returning a “sample” from an alien planet, they decide to throw caution to the wind and focus on themselves. From the bridge of their space ship, Moreau searches an interstellar “Craigslist”, offering fresh opportunities to Patrel, who shoots each one down in turn. Whether it’s moisture farming, platinum mining or helium transport, Moreau is unable to convince her grandiose business partner, Comander Patrel to sign up.

As they drift further from the business at hand, they drift closer to disaster as their less-than reliable provides several moments of terror.  Finally, putting aside their differences and working together, Moreau and Patrel complete yet another sample return mission.  But wait until you find out what kind of sample they’re returning…”

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