Organic Panic premieres on VisionTV April 13, 10 pm ET/7 pm PT.

For immediate release – Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Sixteen Films Ltd. presents the VisionTV premiere of ORGANIC PANIC.

A new 5-part documentary series, premiering April 13th, 2015 on VisionTV

Directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta (I’ll Follow You Down, Siddharth) with executive producer Moses Znaimer, Organic Panic tackles all sides of the raging organics debate. In partnership with ZoomerMedia Ltd., Toronto production company Sixteen Films Ltd is proud to announce this new, 5-part documentary series premiering to over 10 million households April 13th, 10pm ET/7pm PT  on VisionTV.

An organic revolution is taking place in homes and business around the world. Organic products account for over $64 billion dollars spent worldwide annually. In Canada, over $3.7 billion dollars were spent on organics in 2012 alone.

But what does organic really mean? How can consumers make informed decisions and separate fact from greenwashing—a practice that cares only about the bottom line? Each episode pits an organic “Believer” against an organic “Skeptic” in a battle for the hearts and minds of concerned citizens.

Organic Panic gets to the core of the organics debate through the personal stories and commentary of experts, including:


  • Sarah Elton (Locavore, Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet)


The stakes couldn’t be higher. Is your food killing you? Is your makeup toxic? Are your clothes destroying the planet? Is “organic” all just a scam? The answers will surprise even the most ardent supporters and critics of the organics industry.

Organic Panic exposes false and misleading information about the organics industry, and empowers people to make informed decisions about caring for themselves, their families and the world.





David Bratton – Producer, Sixteen Films Ltd.

Chris Remerowski – Producer, Sixteen Films Ltd.

Leanne Wright – VP, Communication ZoomerMedia

“Organic Panic” Screener Links:

Episode #1

password: cosmetics

Ep. 2 –“Organic Personal Care Products”

password: personal

Ep. 3 – “Organic Food”

password: food

Ep. 4 – “Organic Fashion”

password: fashion

Ep. 5 – “Home”

password: home


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