Longevity Road Trip revvs up with LifeBit app

Longevity Road Trip is Sixteen Films’ next fascinating documentary series.

Radical advances in life extension are being made right now: people born in the last 100 years are living longer than in the entire history of humanity.

We will live longer, but how will we age?

How can we add years to our lives, maintain health and spend those years meaningfully?

Longevity Road Trip will help Canadians find answers to these pressing issues.

Four diverse Zoomer couples embark on unique road trips to global “longevity hotspots”. Each journey involves experiences, activities and investigation designed to explore and extend the limits of human ageing.

We’ll join them as they reveal the secrets of billion-dollar research facilities in the mountains of California, swim in a sacred Cenote of the Yucatan jungle, divine the tantric arts on the beaches of Cap d’Agde, learn a new language and improve brain function in romantic Italy and train like an Olympian in St. Lucia.

Participants will study with scientists in cutting-edge gene therapy labs and delve into folklore with archeologists and faith healers.

While each journey combines the high-falutin with the folksy and sometimes plain flakey, the series is firmly grounded in hard science. Each episode features field-leading experts and the University of Toronto’s ground-breaking Institute for Life Course and Ageing consulting on the entire project.

Longevity Road Trip will challenge the participants and the audience to transform themselves and everything we believe we know about ageing.

Counting the moments with LifeBit

LifeBit is a cutting-edge wellness app and digital companion to the Longevity Road Trip series.

LifeBit offers users a completely revolutionary way of looking at their health and longevity.  Beyond monitoring their caloric intake, fitness level and a host of other health related factors, LifeBit will also contextualize a user’s behavior, explaining why it’s important to live healthfully; one of LifeBit’s unique features is its ability to collect information from many different sources and give a concrete picture of what the result of all of a user’s hard work is.

Not only does the LifeBit show that eating well and exercising will prolong your life, it shows how much time a user will gain or lose in their lifetime. LifeBit further explains what the value of that extra time is.  

Most importantly, the data LifeBit displays to a user changes constantly, showing how altering behaviour can alter the length of time you have left to live.

Too often we lose sight of the reasons why we want to live a healthy life.  LifeBit helps remind people of those reasons.

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