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Introducing Low Spirits, our new horror/comedy web series

Low Spirits is our latest project!  It’s a half-hour scripted mystery/ horror comedy web series. Its unique “choose your own adventure” style of storytelling and social media program allows the audience to take control of the story and even place themselves inside an episode for a truly thrilling interactive web experience.

Felix Low is an ageing hipster turned psychic detective with a little bit of a substance abuse problem. In his defense, Low claims that when he’s drunk or high he becomes acutely attuned to paranormal phenomena.  Even when he’s fighting a hangover, he hears voices, sees spirits and casts out demons.

Ken Downs is Felix Low’s agent and best, maybe only, friend. He brings Low cases to solve, but he’s concerned that Low’s addictions are getting out of control. He believes that after finding and fighting so many terrible apparitions and things that go bump in the night, Low might be losing his nerve.

In Low Spirits, each case Felix Low investigates will have two different solutions. The crimes committed in each episode will either be the result of supernatural forces or they will have more scientific explanations.  A tech billionaire’s household staff is dying off.  Is it
the curse of a mummy he looted from the Middle East, or a business rival’s attempt to ruin him? In each episode of “Low Spirits” it will be up the viewer to decide which ending they want to see.


At a certain point in each episode of Low Spirits, viewers will be asked to vote on whether they want to see the supernatural or non-supernatural ending to Low’s case. The ending with the most votes is the one that will be made available on the website for viewers to see.

At the end of the series’ initial run, the “alternate” endings will be made available on the website.